Basics of Premature Ejaculation

Sexual activity is regarded as a kind of physical exercises by some medics. One night of sex can boost oxygen levels in the cells, leading to optimal performance by the tissues and organs. Regular love making reduces cholesterol, and positively alters the good-to-bad cholesterol ratio. Sexual activities do not only satisfy a basic human need, but also reduces stress.

The advantages of sex are both physical and psychological, and it improves our mental and emotional well-being. Sexual intimacy can restore a relationship by helping the partners feel closer, calmer and less stressed.
However, there are some emotions that can affect sexual satisfaction. Such emotions include excess fear, over enthusiasm, anxiety and different kinds of pressures. The complications include Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Here we shall discuss the basics of premature ejaculation;

Premature ejaculation refers to a man having orgasm before or immediately after entering his partner. It is more common in younger men that their older counterparts. There are several mental, psychological and physical causes of premature ejaculation. Some of them include short-term depression, guilt, fear, financial stress, a history of sexual depression, unreasonable expectations or a general lack of confidence. The condition also occurs for the first few times when a man is having sex with a new partner.
Medical conditions hardly ever result in premature ejaculation, although some doctors may recommend drugs to prevent the same. The treatments concentrate on slowly training and enhancing mental adjustment to sex. They also improve control of physical stimulation. Physical aspects include the level of arousal and the sensitivity of the penis. In medical cases, premature ejaculation should not be confused with erectile dysfunction (ED) which arises from a different medical condition. Different treatments are being experimented on to aid in minimizing the speed of arousal response.

Several men have mastered the techniques of regulating their ejaculation. They are now in a position to experience a lengthy session of sexual arousal before they let go. They have learnt to manage the different aspects that influence orgasm timing. A man might avoid the typical thoughts and imaginations experienced during sex. You too can overcome your premature ejaculation and regain your confidence. You will be a better lover full of sexual prowess.

Your ejaculation can be affected by your perception of sex, emotions and your thoughts. Challenging as it may be, all these have to be controlled during sex if you’re to enjoy a long session of arousal before ejaculating. As we have already noted, stress, anxiety, fear and excess excitement can lead to premature ejaculation. Physically, you can train your ejaculatory reflex. This strengthens the relevant muscles and ligaments, allowing the entire love making session to be under your control. Being a good lover is beneficial to your lady and to you as well. You can be assured that you will always leave your woman satisfied. Good sexual performance will boost your confidence a great deal. At the end of the day both of you will be satisfied, and you will definitely be a happier man.


Intimacy in Courtship

No one can dictate the exact time that should be taken to perform sexual intercourse. The duration of the act can vary from couple to couple. There is no data from unbiased studies that can confirm the optimum time to be taken for intercourse. Individual characteristics and a wide spectrum of related factors determine the time required for climax. While it may take one male 5 minutes of stimulation to achieve a climax, in the case of others this time could extend to 20 minutes. The most important thing to consider in determining whether the sexual intimacy is sufficient and acceptable is whether the partners have succeeded in achieving an adequate level of satisfaction.

The word ‘premature’ when used in the context of sexual activity is relative. While a male may sustain his sexual activity for half an hour prior to ejaculation, it may still be considered premature if his partner is unable to climax within a similar period of time. This brings into focus the importance of the participants in the act and the situation in which the act is performed.

The best length for sexual intercourse is sufficient to permit both partners to experience full satisfaction. It is only just for each partner to expect pleasure and enjoyment from the other. However, there are several inhibitors and hurdles in the way of couples trying to achieve this enjoyment. A great couple will identify these obstacles and address them suitably. It is mostly the male who is quick to climax, whereas the female prefers a longer and languorous intimacy preceding the climax. The failure of the male to contain his urge to climax at a time when his mate is still getting ready, has been the cause of many healthy relationships being derailed.

If you are among those who are still searching for that elusive sexual satisfaction, you would do well to identify the blocks in your relationship and take proactive measures to eliminate them. Here are a few of the common blocks to sexual pleasure:

Worry and anxiety:
Today’s fast paced world creates its share of worries and anxieties for most people in responsible positions. Paradoxically, anxiety to perform sexually can also be a serious inhibitor of sexual satisfaction.

Medications and drugs prescribed for different ailments can change the balance within your system resulting in a lack of sexual appetite.

Sexual enjoyment is as much in the mid as it is a physical activity. A depressed partner is often unable to respond to the sexual need of his/ her partner.

The feelings of a person towards his partner can enhance or impair the sexual act. Positive feelings of love, joy, happiness, etc. make the act more pleasurable whereas feelings of anger and animosity can be a major inhibitor.

Poor Diet:
A poor diet results in poor energy levels affecting performance.

Lack of communication:
Where partners do not communicate effectively, it is bound to lead to problems of hurt egos, continuing quarrels, which affect emotional closeness and consequently physical intimacy.

Premature ejaculation (PE) sometimes occurs due to neurological factors and begins a vicious cycle of anxiety to perform followed again by PE.

Genetic factors:
While scientists have for long believed that the problem of PE is linked to genetics, one study confirmed that 91% of the participants suffering from PE all their lives, had at least one relative with the same problem.

Infrequent occasions for intimacy:
When the occasions for intimacy are more rare, it creates an anxiety to perform in the minds of the participants. Alternatively, it causes either of the partners to be quickly aroused and to climax prematurely.


premature ejaculation

is definitely a curable condition. Identification of the problem is half the job done. You could use drugs to obtain a quick fix to the problem, but these come with their own side effects. The best solution is to seek professional guidance and use natural methods for a permanent cure.